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No Win No Fee Hip Compensation Claims

Hip Compensation Claims offers a 100% no win no fee service. This means that there are no hidden costs. This includes up-front fees, outlays or anything to do with the other side’s legal costs. It couldn’t be simpler: if your claim is unsuccessful, you can walk away and you won’t be charged a penny.

Metal on metal hip replacements

The NHS performs over 70,000 hip replacements each year. The operation involves all or part of the hip joint being replaced by a prosthesis – occasionally this may also involve replacement of the socket.


It has been known for some time now that there are problems associated with some metal on metal hip replacements. The National Joint Registry of England and Wales reports that these types of replacement have an exceptionally high failure rate. This is due to metal fragments wearing down, entering the blood stream and causing inflammation, toxicity and muscle damage.

Other causes for concern

There are other reasons it might be in your interests to pursue a hip replacement compensation claim. These include cases where the hip has been dislocated, nerves have been damaged, the leg has been lengthened or shortened or pain has resulted from an incorrectly fitted prosthesis.

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As part of Thompsons Solicitors, everything that we do is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland, including our no win no fee arrangement. You can therefore be entirely confident that our service meets the rigorous regulatory requirements set down by the Law Society of Scotland.


If you have received a metal on metal hip replacement – for example, the DePuy ASR models – call our no win no fee hip compensation claim solicitors for an immediate, no obligation, free legal consultation on 0800 089 16 16.

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